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C-70 Charger (red)

Radiant VII

C-70 Charger (v0.99_t14) viewed 42 times
Update log

2022/04/10: Fixed some 3D mesh issues and made new texture and UVmap for the C-70

2021/04/08: New texture and UVmap for the Slave-I with Episode II paintings

2021/03/30: Providence released, enjoy! :)

2021/03/04: Retextured the Munificent; has the same 3D mesh as before, but different UVmap and texture

Firespray-31 Class Patrol and Attack Craft (v0.57_t17) viewed 103 times

Providence Class Destroyer (v0.53_t56) viewed 153 times

Recusant Class Light Destroyer (v0.52_t84) viewed 554 times

Munificent Class Frigate (v0.63_t55) viewed 363 times